German politics – I cannot believe it

How much time has a german politics? No time: well, that’s what we can here everyday. Now, we know the reason: There is a list of members of the Federal Diat where you can find, how much a politician earns. One example – Friedrich Merz (CDU).

The list should make it transparent what each politician earns. But it only says (Level 3), that Friedrich Merz earns more than 7000 € / year for 8 companies.

But what does this say? It says nothing! Let’s think about what I can earn after I have finished my studies. Normally, I will earn ca. 40.000 € / year. But than, I have just started. I’m not a member of a board of directors. I’m really sure, they earn much more. But let’s calculate:

If a member of the board of directories would earn 40.000 € / year, than a person in eight companies will earn 320.000 € / year.

I’m sure, Mr Merz is doing a great job! I’m sure, he does only earn 7.000 € / year at each company! But I also know, why politicians have no time to learn new things. Pure Germany!

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