Pocket Loox 720 + Nokia BH-500

A year ago (or a bit more), I have bought a Pocket Loox 720. It’s really a great PocketPC and I’m really satisfied with it. There was just one problem. I wanted to listen music. I don’t want to buy an Ipod (it cannot play ogg or flac) and I don’t want a different music player (one device is enough). Unfortunately, the PocketPC uses no standard clinch so that no standard ear phones can be used.

But now, I’m happy. I have bought a bluetooth ear phone (Nokia BH-500) and it’s really great. It works perfectly with my PocketPC. With the help of the fantastic free PocketPC software MortPlayer, I can hear to mp3, ogg and flac (and perhaps other formats, I don’t know. I doesn’t need more).

I have bought the ear phones at yourhandy.de, which offeres the product for the best price I have found. The delivery was perfect and very fast. I’m completely satisfied!

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  1. I’ve got Loox 720 and Nokia BH-500 too, but I cannot connect them together. Loox finds it, but when I press “connect” it just waits and waits until it stops and says “connection failed”. Can you tell me how you managed to connect them together? Or is there some special function in MortPlayer which does this?

  2. Hi Mathias,

    seems that in this case I am totally stupid since I cannot make connection… Otherwise no device gave me any trouble thus far. (Working with computers professionally for years…)

    I’d really appreciate it if you could give me step-by-step instructions on how you made your connection.

    I checked everything possible in my Bluetooth manager and I cannot see anything regarding “different connection type”.

    What I tried…

    When I click “New” and “Explore a Bluetooth device” it finds my BH-500 but it doesn’t connect to it since it says “The device does not offer any usable services”.

    When I click “New” and “Hands-free/Headset setup” Loox720 finds BH-500 and it does connect to it. I get an icon in my Bluetooth manager, but when I click this icon to make a connection it just waits and waits and in the end connection fails.
    I’ve tried all this in “normal” BH-500 operating mode (just switching it on when led blinks green) AND in “Bluetooth mode” (switching it on with pressing the button for as long as led doesn’t start blinking blue) — no luck!

    Please could you help me out?



    P.S. I’ve got Loox 720 with Windows Mobile 2003 SE.

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