Merkel: no tollerance for inner security

Germans minister of the interior Wolfgang Schäuble has a lot of ideas to make living in Germany more secure. To achieve this goal, he wants total control. Well, there are a lot of places in German blog sphere, that these ideas are really stupid. One example: Schäuble wants to develop a trojan, which would it make possible to the BND to look at every pc in Germany. He hasn’t answered following questions:

  • how does he (or his “experts”) wants to make sure, that every pc (windows can be easy, but what about linux, mac, bsd, …) could be spied?
  • how does he (or his “experts”) wants to make sure, that only German PCs will be spied (anything else would be illegal and could lead to big problems between two states)
  • how does he (or his “experts”) wants to make sure, that the trojan is not mistaken by another group? If there is a system gap, every person, who wants to use this gap, will use this gap. Or do you think, the government has as much money as interested groups like spam senders and the government will have the single “expert” who can use this gap?
  • If I would be a terrorist, I would know, that there are forces which will spy on me. So I would write critical data on a pc, which is NOT connected to the internet. There, I would cipher my data and give it to my partner in the next pub. What would be easier? How will you catch real terrorists?

It can be said in short ways. All suggestions don’t help to make it more secure in Germany. It helps to find stupid “terrorists”, but not real terrorists! I think, it even would make Germany more dangerous. People know, that there will be laws to make Germany more secure. So, why should someone be critical with another behaviour? The government would make its job. People will get blind for dangerous situations.

Until now, I have wondered, why the German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel has not intervened. Now, I know it: no tolerance for inner security.

God bless Germany! I think, it’s necessary!

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