If goofiness hurts…

The Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) has recently released a revised fee schedule for internet radio. Left unchanged, these rates will end internet radio, period. The RIAA has effectively convinced this federal committee to establish rates that make online radio a non-viable business.


I cannot understand, what people especially in the music industry are thinking about? I have learned in business studies (especially in controlling and corporate planning) a lot of things. But no one has told me, that new technical approaches have to be ignored because they destroy the current business plans. I have thought, that new technical approaches could be an innovation and that they could lead to new and better business plans.

Well, I think, that the music industry is making a big mistake. I think, that services like pandora could enforce sales because people are informed about new songs. Pandora is very powerful, because the user can interact with the system. He will not be bored. He will listen to new songs.

Perhaps, new business plans are not the problem. Perhaps, old men in executive levels are the problem, because they are frightened about changes.

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