Apple, DRM and the truth

Well, I think all of you have read the open letter of Apple’s Steve Jobs, in which he complains about DRM (Thougts on music).

It is a really interesting article in which the music industry is responsible for DRM and Apple wants to sell and use free music. Really good, Mr. Jobs. You can be my hero!

But, there is one little thing, which irritates me: If Apple loves music and if Apple wants to sell free music, why is the iPod not able to play free formats?

Some examples?

  • ogg
  • flac – not supported natively

I really agree with the words, Steve Jobs has chosen. But if you think about the things he says and the things Apple does, it sounds a little bit like a marketing gag.

It would be interesting to see, what Apple will do. Currently, Apple takes me for a fool?!

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