Students are spendthrift fat cats!

Obviously, the university of Ulm thinks, that this is the truth. Today, I have found this paper at the window of my car:

parking at uni ulm

Everyone, who wants to go to university by car has to park somewhere. But now: that’s the problem. One parking place was destroyed to build a new building, one was destroyed for a new parking garage for which you have to pay. And now, the old parking garage is also a subject of fee.

Of course, the students will use the remaining parking places. That can ran short. Sometimes, there is a reason why you have to use the car and not to use the bus.

I cannot realize, what’s the goal? We have to pay each semester:

  • 500 € semester fee
  • 40 € administrative charges (only god knows, why we have to pay this)
  • 50 € goes to the student union
  • 78 € ticket fee for students (bus and train)
  • 60 € to use the parking garage

That is really a method to get rid of students! That’s really necessary, because in Germany there are sooo much students (I hope, everyone will recognize the irony).

But the university needs money!

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