New programming language

These days, I am writing a lot of code in PHP. But it becomes annoying! All the time you has to write the same code, you can not shorten it.

I have decided, that the current projects are my last projects, I will writein PHP. I’m looking for another programming language, which don’t block me. There are four options: C#, Ruby, Python and LISP.

In this summer, I have learned LISP. It has a terrible structure, but the possibilities are fantastic. You can make everything with this language. Even creating a new syntax can be created with the help of the macro system. This macro system cannot be compared with the macro system of C. Regarded to Ruby and Python, LISP is very fast (except of array operations).

Unfortunately, LISP is not as common as the other three languages. So – if there would be any problems – I have to solve them for my own. But I think, I will risk it.

One other possibility is to write a php extension to allow macros. But I think, that could be very difficult. But that could be the optimum.

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