Social Networks sucks!

How many social networks exist these days? In Germany, there is OpenBC (Xing), StudiVZ, Unister and many more. English social networks can be found more often: facebook (the origin of StudiVZ),…

They all want the same: my data. But I don’t want to publish my data at every second page just to be connected to friends. That is really annoying and it doesn’t match to the web 2.0 philosophy (or the web 2.0 philosophy is to copy ideas, who knows). Now, I have found a very interesting article at Dirk Olbertz’s blog (the owner of Goodbye OpenBC.

He mentions, that there are efforts to build a standard format for social networking which allows to describe oneself and the connection to others by creating a description at the own page. (XFN and FOAF – Friend of a Friend). That’s really interesting! It helps you to maintain your own data without changing it at every second social network page.

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