Browser speed comparison

I found a very interesting page, which compares the browser speed – depending on your platform. There are a lot of criterias:

  • cold start
  • warm start
  • Rendering CSS
  • Rendering table
  • Script speed
  • Multiple images
  • History

It is a really interesting comparison, because the author attends to browser specific problems. P.e. he attends, that a table must be fully loaded to display it. So you have to use your cache. Really good work!

It is although very interesting, that IE is not the fastest browser in cold and warm start although it is integrated in windows.

Opera looks very good at all platforms. I think, Opera is a really great browser, but I miss my firefox plugins. If there would be a solution for firebug (for me, that is the most important plugin), webdeveloper toolbar, … I would switch instantly.

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