Blogscout: does it work?

Yesterday, I have tried to implement a counter from blogscout on my first blog forenblogger to improve my “blog marketing”. So I have registered myself at the page and wanted to start. As you can read at the first page (and only there 🙁 ), you can only get a statistic, if you include the counter at your page. Well, ok! That is acceptable, because you always have to include some code.

Can anybody tell me, how I have to integrate the button? Where can I find the button? At, there is no information about this. Even at my property page, there is no information about how I have to integrate the button. There is only the nice text:

Du hast noch keine Plätze definiert. Das kannst Du unter dem Menüpunkt Karte nachholen.

And – as you can imagine – this doesn’t work, too.

Dear blogscout admins: it is possible, that you have a great service and that your page works fantastic. But please, show it to your user! In my point of view, this page is no beta page (typically for “web 2.0”), it is more like epsilon.

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  1. One other thing: the service at is dedicated to german speaking blogs. That means, that it should have a majority of german content. I don’t see that yet in your case.

    What do you plan with your blog? If you would like to stay mostly in english, I will need to ask you to remove the counter code and I then also will remove your RSS feed from the database – if you entered that.

    I hope you understand. I really want to make a good service for german speaking users out there.

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