… a vendor, I wouldn’t buy from again

A few days ago, I have written about Zarsen, which could be a new vendor for my favourite vendor list. Well, I have to strike the name off the list.

After I have phoned with Zarsen, they have said, that I have only to pay one shipping bill (I wanted to by two televisions – one for my grandparents). I recieved even this message by e-mail. So, I have ordered the televisions. But suddenly I have to pay the shipping bill two times. So I wrote a mail to Zarsen that I don’t think, that’s a good behaviour, but paid the bill (a mistake, I know).

A few days later, I reversed the order because of a really long delivery period. Now, I have waited 2 weeks to get the money back. Yesterday I phoned again with Zarsen and asked, where my money is. And – really true – they didn’t even start the transaction yet. Really incredible!

So, be warned!

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