Terror and politics

Everytime, when there is a terror attack anywhere in the world, there are some politicians who want to do something. That’s ok, because a lot of people are afraid about possible attacks (no matter, how probably they are). Politicians have to do something.

Unfortunatelly, they say a lot, but often, they have no idea. One example is the request to censor the internet because you can read there how to build bombs or anything like this. Apparently , they cannot imagine, that there is alwas a way to get the informations you want. If you cannot find any information in the world wide web, use the Freenet Project.

That’s a project, which enables everybody to publish documents in a p2p-network, so that you cannot be punished. The data is shared to several computers and you cannot watch, which part you serve.

This idea is fantastic for countries like china or others, where you cannot say what you want. But it is also a paradise for people, who ignore, what is legal and what is not.

So, honey politicians, tell me: why would you censor the world wide web although you know, that you cannot control the flow of information? Perhaps, security cannot be achieved by harder rules. Perhaps, it can only be achieved by more freedom and tolerance. Think about it!

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