– not thougt out?

Today, I have looked at, an internet platform on which you can vote how good or bad your professor is. I was interested by some articles which are writing about the platform.

I think, it is a really good idea to see, who is really good and who is not. In Baden-Württemberg, we have to pay 500 € for each semester next year (in Ulm even 594 €). So it’s really fair to have the chance to vote.

But what can you vote?

  • fairness
  • support
  • material
  • comprehensibility
  • fun
  • interest (create interest to the students)
  • Relation between note and work

Well, this have to be a joke! I want to study something, I am really interested in. I don’t want to watch tv and to be entertained. I want to learn something. Of course, this points are all important. But what about expertise? What can I do with all materials, if my prof is stupid an cannot answer my questions? It can be funny, it can be easy, but if there is no expertise, I have spent a lot of money for nothing.

I think, that is a really good idea. But it is not thought out. I miss the most important thing: does the prof know, what he or she is speaking about?

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