Open Innovation – marketing with your costumer

You learn a lot at university: you learn how to plan a product, you learn how to test a product, you learn how much the product does cost. But you don’t learn how you can sell it to your costumors (ok, their is a lesson called marketing, but this is not what I mean with “how to sell” because it’s not mainly the costumer who is in point of view). So I want to start at this place to publish some interesting informations I have found. Their are a lot of very interesting books I have read and of course, their are a lot of interesting pages in the www.

I want to start with a book called “Interaktive Wertschöpfung – Open Innovation, Individualisierung und neue Formen der Arbeitsteilung“, which is also avaiable as ePaper (Creative Commens Licence). The book is about how you can integrate the costumer into your company and how you can avoid by-developing at the costumer (UMTS for example).
After I have read this book, I let you know, if it’s good or not.

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