Lexware losts one costumer – lexware buchhalter is the reason

For a long time, I used lexware buchhalter for bookkeeping. It was quite easy to make the job. But I was annoyed about the update politics of lexware: so you have to buy every year a new version. That’s not cheap, so I cannot afford this every year.

In Germany, you have to do your sales tax summary reports (Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung) online since 2005, there is a software called Elster. To use this software out of my bookkeeping software, I have bought the new version of lexware buchhalter last year. In the new version, I can nearly only see a better markup. The handling was as bad as in the old version (the same problems, nothing has changed).

But today, ne new version doesn’t work any longer with Elster: Assistent für ELSTER-Übertragung schmeißt mich ohne Fehlermeldung raus. Lexware doesn’t want to give an update for my version (which is only one year old!).

This is surely the last software of lexware I have bought. I can agree about buying new software every 2 or 3 years. But – if I cannot afford a new version – I want to get updates for my software at least for 2 years. Lexware: you have lost one customer. I hope, this text will open your eyes!

3 Gedanken zu „Lexware losts one costumer – lexware buchhalter is the reason

  1. – Title should be: Lexware lost a customer (without the s)
    – Aren’t you still annoyed by lexware’s update policy?
    – …a new version every year.
    – I can hardly see anything else than a better markup
    – what should “markup” mean in this context?
    – was the handling as bad or is it still?
    – does the new version no longer work with Elster just today?
    – …doesn’t want to provide an update…
    – This is definitely the last piece of software from lexware I’ve ever bought
    – I can agree on buying new software…

    All corrections are provided without warranty.

  2. Thanks, I’m still training my english. That helps a lot!

    – One questions: why is there no “s” after lexware? I think it’s 3. person singular.
    – Markup meens, it only looks better.
    – Yes, the new version doesn’t work with Elster until now.

    Really thanks to your help. I won’t correct them in the original text so every person will know, what you mean. But I have recognized your message and I hope, I have learned of it.

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