Win64 and why I don’t use it

Yesterday, my laptop (hp nx9105) made a lot of trouble. Therefore I decided to reinstall it and to use Microsoft Windows 64 because I have an Athlon 64. Until now, I wasn’t able to understand, why HP gives me a Win32 for this laptop: now I know it.

The installation was quite good and windows was running. But then, it started. I needed nearly 2 hours to find the necessary drivers for sound and video. Of course these drivers cannot be found at the page of HP (but of course you can make marketing with this nice number 64!). But well, we know google.

After the installation of the drivers, I wanted to install an antivirus program (I use bitdefender). And what can I see? This program will not work on Win64 (but of course, this is not explicitly written at the page of bitdefender). Also Zone Alarm cannot be used with Win64, my eclipse doesn’t want the 64bit version of Java and so on…

Today I have started to reinstall Windows with 32bit. Surly this was the last laptop of hp!

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