Why isn’t there a plattform for professional informatics?

In the last weeks we – a few friends and I – asked ouerselves why there isn’t a plattform for professional informatics? You can find a lot of things in the internet. One example is the torch-library for neuro-informatics. There are really a lot of interesting pages about artifical intelligence, neuro-informatics including pattern recognition or data mining. But there is no page, which collects interesting links or writes about new approaches.

So I have had the idea to start such a projekt. In the first step, I will plan, which elements we need.

  • The most important element of the plattform will be a good link system. I think, the best I can do is to use del.icio.us.
  • To write about new approaches I will use a weblog system. Persons who are interested in helping me can in this way also write articles
  • Perhaps we need a forum, but in the first way I don’t think, that’s really necessary

The language we use will be english of course. Until now, I have no idea about a good name for the project. Perhaps someone of you has an idea. I hope, there will be few persons who want to help me in establishing such a page.


I think, a good name for such a project will be professional-informatics.eu

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