paypal and friends

Today Postbank, Sparkassen and Volksbank have given a presentation about their new paying system. With this system, it should be easier to buy things from other pages. It works like paypal’s system except that users don’t have a seperate account.

giropay.jpgOk, this message is quite interesting for me. So I followed the given link to get more information: But what’s that? I can only see the logo of giropay. Wasn’t there any money to create a webpage for the new project? It’s unbelievable that there is no further information on the webpage. If the system will work like the marketing campaign, the system will not be used by any user.


Now, they have achieved to put content on their website. But I cannot find further information than I have read in other pressing texts. It seems that I can only use giropay with paypal. I cannot see any sense because I was able to use paypal before. Perhaps I have just to wait some days. Really bad marketing! You have to give more informationen about your service when it’s talked about. In a few days, noone will talk about giropay.

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