Google’s inconsistence

I was really happy when google put the page of out of their index (look at BMW used doorway-pages. This means, that they have presented other contents to the user as to google robots. So, google has seen a lot of “interesting words”, so bmw was listed at better places.

Today, BMW is back joined again. What have they done? They have simly replaced the “interesting words”. But without JavaScript, there is still another content. This let me think two things:

  • There must be really stupid web-programmers and webdesigners who have no idea how the www works. It’s interesting that this people get jobs at such big firms like BMW. That says to me: all you have to do is sale you well! It doesn’t matter what you really can.
  • Google can be really fast. My pages are not as fast listed as Untill now, I have thought Google to be a fair company. But now, I have to think, that even at google money is more than it should be.

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